MUIR – The innovative standard

Since 1968, MUIR is a name for quality and innovation in anchor winches according to current industry standards. MUIR supplies complete and extensive anchor winches and anchor systems. With a wealth of experience in anchor winch technology, the technicians and engineers have developed superior products in technology and design for recreational craft and yachts for demanding customers. MUIR always stands for an investment in security.

  • Certified according to ISO 9001
  • Classifications:
    • ABS, LRS, DNV, BV, NKK, GL and CCS
    • Conforms to MCA and USL codes
  • Used materials
    • Stainless steel shafts, bronze gears and chain sprockets made of chrome, bronze or stainless steel with conical coupling

MUIR stands for innovation in reliability and production.

MUIR perfects advanced technologies and systems for recreational craft and luxury yachts, including the use of rope-chain combinations. In this way, MUIR perfected the smooth transition of the rope chains. The ratchet system of the anchor winch for controlled manual emergency operation has been further developed and complete units with swivelling chain covers have been integrated on a single base.

High-performance products require modern methods in design, technology and production. Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) play a fundamental role, as does the comprehensive research and development program. Continuous investments in state-of-the-art CNC lathes, machines and plants, the use of forgings, moulds and state-of-the-art machining methods guarantee high precision and a technically sophisticated anchor winch.

Global trust in MUIR products

MUIR windlasses and anchor systems are used throughout Australia, North and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific. They rest proudly on the deck of many ships built and produced worldwide, as well as on some of the world’s most prestigious and largest yachts.

Success is based on the commitment to work closely with ship architects, designers, constructors, builders and owners to design anchor systems that are truly reliable and meet the diverse and often unique requirements of operators and their ships. Going to sea with MUIR means going to sea with confidence.

A highly committed workforce and new warehouses as well as an extensive and expanding sales and service network provide the global support needed by the demanding shipping industry.

Translated with

Quality is no compromise

Through MUIR’s dedication and commitment to the windlass industry, MUIR has earned an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of top quality products. Safety, seaworthiness, performance and reliability are never compromised.

In an effort to maintain and improve its quality standards, MUIR is ISO 9001 certified, which reflects the rigorous procedures that apply to each windlass and anchor assembly. Disciplined quality control is maintained at every stage of the production process, from design to final assembly and shipping. The equipment is manufactured to meet the strictest classification standards such as ABS, LRS, DNV, BV, NKK, GL and CCS and to comply with MCA and USL codes.

Although MUIR is clearly committed to functional excellence, they are often praised for their aesthetic values as the most stylish product on the market.

MUIR systems are manufactured only with the highest quality materials and components in marine quality. Each sports boat anchor windlass is equipped with specially built propulsion motors for sea operation. High-performance DC in-line motors are used for more power, faster retrieval and increased reliability. They are coupled with efficient reduction drives. Smaller anchor winches contain permanent magnet motors. Hydraulic motors provide continuous torque, excellent control and are designed to be integrated into a ship’s central hydraulic system. All models include stainless steel shafts, bronze gears and chain sprockets with chrome, bronze or stainless steel conical couplings.

MUIR in Commercial Shipping & Shipping

MUIR’s capabilities extend far beyond recreational shipping. With several awards, MUIR can undoubtedly claim to be a preferred supplier of anchor systems for many of the world’s largest and best yachts. The mega-yacht industry is quite rightly very demanding, and owners and owners need absolute certainty that their windlasses perform exceptionally well in securing their multi-million dollar investments. The mega-yacht range includes standard and customer-specific anchor winches and systems with a lifting capacity of more than 10,000 kg. Not an easy task, considering that MUIR is one of the few manufacturers worldwide with this capability. The polished stainless steel winches and complete systems with chain stoppers, devil’s claws and pulleys are MUIR’s speciality and are in great demand on luxury yachts. For further information, please request the extensive catalogue of megayacht anchorage systems.

High-speed ferries, salvage and military boats, fishing boats and workboats are another important market for MUIR. Although not as glamorous as mega yachts or pleasure craft, these ships still require quality assured, high-performance anchoring systems. The windlasses presented in this catalogue and the extensive range of multi-purpose, drum and loading winches, docking spindles, tractors and windlasses are designed for extreme longevity and suitable for all commercial applications in the marine and marine sector.

The choice is simple

With a highly specialized and dedicated workforce capable of producing a high quality design, modern manufacturing processes, innovative use of modern technologies and the desire to perfect and exceed industry standards in supplying anchoring systems, MUIR is a force to be reckoned with – the only choice for high quality anchoring system solutions.